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Foods to Beat the Heat

Foods to Beat the Heat

As the temperature swings between the dreaded range of 40-50 degrees, it becomes important to stay hydrated and focus on your diet. This summers, include these food items in your daily diet for preparing yourself to fight fatigue, combat low energy level, and beat the heat.


A glass of Nimbu Paani doesn’t only helps you stay hydrated, but further restores the energy levels and helps in maintaining the body temperature.

Coconut Water

Another age old remedy, Coconut water is one of the best ways to hydrate your body as it contains sugars and electrolytes.


Include a cold pack of buttermilk, raita, or plain curd in your lunch meal. Curd helps in regulating the stomach heat and improves digestion.


Salad or Smoothie? Take your pick, as the high nutrient quotient of cucumber controls the blood sugar levels and keeps a check on your hydration levels as well.

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