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Pediatric Cardiology

Pediatric Cardiology

The Department of Cardiac Sciences at Vimhans Nayati Super Speciality Hospital constantly strives towards offering comprehensive diagnostic and treatment facilities for the evaluation, assessment and management of a broad range of heart ailments in both, adults as well as small children. The sub-speciality of Paediatric Cardiology is, especially, dedicated to offering comprehensive and multidisciplinary approaches for addressing various heart ailments in infants and small children. These can be either present since birth, i.e. congenital heart defects or acquired later owing to an underlying disease or infection. While some of these problems can be easily managed by simple medication, others might require proper surgical intervention.

Being detected with a cardiological ailment and undergoing treatment for the same can be overwhelming even for an adult, let alone for a child. At Vimhans Nayati, we promote a child-friendly environment and resort to the use of up-to-date technology for added precision and accuracy. Our expert team consists of renowned paediatric heart doctors and surgeons who adhere to very stringent benchmarks of quality to ensure unparalleled care for your child.

Various conditions addressed by our specialists include:

Congenital heart defects -This is an umbrella term used for a broad range of heart ailments that are present in a child since birth. Studies have shown that 9 out of 1000 children are born with a congenital heart defect in India. These are a result of abnormalities in fetal heart development that lead to structural and functional defects. If left untreated, these can dramatically impact the child’s health and even lead to severe complications.

Common congenital heart defects that affect children include:

  • Valve disorders marked by narrowing or clogging of the heart valves
  • Hypoplastic left heart syndrome or HLHS, in which the left side of the heart is not developed properly
  • Structural deformities like ASD, VSD and PDA

Atherosclerosis - The condition is marked by the accumulation of plaque in the arteries as a result of which they become stiff and narrow. The condition significantly increases the risks of clotting and cardiac arrest. Other risk factors include obesity, diabetes, hypertension and family history of chronic heart disease. The condition develops gradually over years.

Arrhythmias - The condition is marked by an abnormality in the heart rhythm that reduces its efficiency to pump blood. Your child’s heart may either beat too fast or too slow. The former condition is known as tachycardia and the latter is known as bradycardia. The treatment protocol usually depends upon the type of arrhythmia and its symptoms, which usually include general body weakness, dizziness, irritability and unexplained loss of appetite.

Heart murmurs – Usually triggered by chronic heart disease, fever or anaemia, a heart murmur is a sound made by the blood circulating within the heart. The condition, in itself, is usually harmless but may signify some other chronic ailment that may require immediate intervention.

Pericarditis – The condition is marked by a severe infection in the pericardium, i.e. the thin membrane that surrounds the heart. This leads to the accumulation of fluid which prevents the heart from carrying out its functions properly. Pericarditis is usually triggered by chronic chest injuries or traumas suffered in an accident, bacterial infections and infection on the surgical wound post any other heart surgery. 

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