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Managing Your Stress

Managing Your Stress

Nearly 80% of the Indian population suffer from stress related issues. Be it the demanding corporate world, rent and EMI dates, or family issues, stress is arguably the most common problem experienced by people. However, people do not realize that it could escalate into a medical condition that may lead to depression, anxiety, insomnia, or drug seeking behaviour. On that note, here are some tips to manage your stress effectively:



Analyze the root cause of stress. Be it work, family, finances, or anything else, identification plays an important role in minimizing stress levels.


A regular work out in your regime helps in relaxing the body and mind. Morning runs, evening walks, gym, or just taking the stairs to the office can make a major difference.

Deep Breathing:

One of the most effective techniques to calm the mind, deep breathing for 5-10 minutes with eyes closed can significantly reduce stress levels.

Eat Well:

Food helps to calm the mind and regain focus. Order your favorite healthy food and manage your rising stress levels.

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