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Endovascular Surgery for Aneurysm Repair and Other Conditions

Endovascular Surgery for Aneurysm Repair and Other Conditions

Vascular surgery specialists use different types of treatments to fix blood vessels. Doctors advise some patients to go for endovascular surgery, which is a less invasive option than the open surgery method. This technique provides different benefits such as shorter hospital stay and rapid recovery time. If you want to know more about endovascular surgery and its merits and demerits, you should consult a vascular surgery specialist in Delhi and find out what is best for you.


What Is Endovascular Surgery?

Endovascular refers to “inside the blood vessel.” Endovascular surgery is an innovative, minimally invasive procedure used to treat small problems affecting the blood vessels, such as aneurysms, ballooning, or swelling of the blood vessels.

This procedure utilizes an endovascular graft, a unique fabric tube framed with stainless steel and inserted through long, thin, flexible lines called catheters. The catheter is positioned inside the aorta through small incisions to repair blood vessels.

As the catheter is placed in a position, the graft is expanded, which seals the aneurysm. The procedure helps in preventing blood from flowing into the aneurysm. In the aorta, the graft is then left permanently.


Open vs Endovascular Aneurysm Repair

Usually, in the past, this condition was treated by open surgery by experts. In open surgery, an incision is made on the chest or breastbone side, and the patient also requires a long recovery period. After open surgery, patients would have to stay in the hospital for seven to ten days and undergo a three-month recovery period.


Advanced Endovascular Procedures

If you have an aneurysm, then sometimes the surgeons may opt for advanced endovascular repair. You can visit the vascular and endovascular surgery hospital in Delhi to get advanced procedures. The advanced endovascular procedure is used because sometimes the aneurysm is too close to the significant branches of the aorta. Or the arteries are narrow, or the catheter cannot pass through the narrow passage of arteries. In these cases, patients have three options, no treatment, and look out for open surgery or challenging endovascular repair.

The vascular surgeon uses advanced techniques that are used for thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysms (TAAA). This procedure involves vital arteries and the abdominal organs, which include vital arteries to the brain.


What Else Does It Treat?

The best hospital in Delhi uses this procedure to treat different types of conditions. Mainly aneurysm is treated by this condition. Also, weak spots or bulges in your arteries can be treated with this procedure.


What are the Benefits and Risks of Endovascular Surgery?

Endovascular surgery helps in gaining a quicker recovery time and has fewer complications compared to open surgery. In fact, many patients can go home after two days of surgery. You can even return to normal activities after two to four weeks. Some of the benefits of the surgery are:

  • Less scarring
  • Fewer complications
  • Faster recovery
  • Faster return to normal activities
  • Less discomfort

However, unlike open surgery, you will have to make follow-up visits with your vascular surgeon regularly. You will also be undergoing various imaging tests to make sure that the stent-graft is working properly. The doctor may give you additional procedures to correct problems as you age.


But endovascular surgery also comes with some risks such as:

  • Endoleak: If the blood continues to flow in the aneurysm area, it is called an endoleak. This happens when the stent-graft has not been sealed properly.
  • There is a stent movement or failure.
  • New aneurysms may create below or above the original site.


Our vascular surgeons decide which procedure to follow in emergencies. Sometimes, they may decide that traditional open-heart surgery will provide you with the best optimal results. The goal of the vascular surgeon is to provide you with the best health care and successful recovery.

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