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Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinsons Disease

Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinsons Disease

Deep brain stimulation (DBS) is a procedure for Parkinson's disease symptoms, consisting of tremors, stiffness, and trouble walking. DBS is a treatment that can also deal with the side effects of Parkinson's medicines.

However, DBS isn't a cure for Parkinson's, and it won't cease it from getting worse. But for some people, it may be an option if you've had the disorder for at least five years and don't get adequate relief from medicine. According to some people, DBS is a life-changing option.


How Does It Work?

A small apparatus is placed inside your chest that sends electrical pulses to your brain. The pulses block nerve signals that induce Parkinson's symptoms.

A DBS structure has four parts:

  • A narrow wire, called a lead, that's fixed in the part of your brain making symptoms.
  • A pulse generator, like a pacemaker that delivers tiny electrical signals to the lead
  • A wire that joins the lead to the pulse generator
  • Remote control to compute the system -- the only part outside your body

After the device is in place and turned on, a DBS expert will adjust it so that you can get the best relief for your symptoms. Also, you can control the system yourself. You can turn it off and on, check the battery, and modify the settings.


How to Prepare for DBS

For Deep Brain Stimulation in Delhi, find a hospital with professionally trained and skilled doctors in the procedure. You can also talk to other people involved in your care and other people who already have done DBS. Discuss it with the doctor and set up a realistic expectation for the outcome. You also have to fill the paperwork and get any approvals you need. While going through the process, you can ask a family member, friend, caregiver, help you with the process and support you.

You also have to frequently undergo a test to check your memory, thinking, and mood. During the brain procedure, you will likely be awake, and therefore it is much easier if you have these to stay relaxed. Breathing and meditation are such practices that will come in handy.



The best doctors in Delhi will perform two procedures: one where the lead in your brain will be placed, and in another, a pulse generator will be placed in your chest. Sometimes they are done simultaneously, but often the lead goes in first. After that, the doctor may put in the pulse generator after a few weeks. During the procedure, the surgeon will need a way to help them precisely navigate in your brain. After your scalp has been numbed, a frame will be screwed into your skull. Sometimes surgeons also use a frameless system with plates instead.

You will have to undergo a brain scan with the frame or plates in place to create a "map." The surgeon will make a micro-hole in your skull, and an especially probe attached to the frame will search for just the right spot to place the lead. The doctor will ask questions relating to specific body parts while conducting the operation. It is a delicate process, which may take a while, therefore learning standard techniques before the operation is good. the surgeon will put the lead in place at the target spot, and the buyer connecting the lid to the battery will run under the skin of your scalp. With a plastic cap and stitches, the hole in your skull will be closed up.

The doctor will ask you to stay in the hospital overnight, and you can go home the next day.


What's Next?

After the surgery, you will need to keep taking your usual dose of Parkinson's medicine. Until the swelling in your brain goes down, the device can't be programmed. To get the programming right, this process takes time, and in some people, it almost takes over six months to find the settings that work best. But once you do, the symptoms could get better, and you can reduce the intake of medicine. Visit the best neurosurgery hospital in Delhi to get treatment for Parkinson's disease through DBS.

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