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The Department of Urology at Vimhans Nayati Super Speciality Hospital is dedicated to the surgical and non-surgical diagnosis, treatment, and management of a broad spectrum of ailments related to the urinary tract and male reproductive system. Urological problems can affect people of all age groups and range from mild infections to chronic malignancies. The department is further divided into various subspecialties managed by some of the best doctors and surgeons in the country who thrive seamlessly to offer comprehensive and multi-disciplinary approaches to address the most complex conditions with utmost proficiency.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Endourology - Endourology is the subspecialty of urology that offers minimally invasive approaches to treat the problems of the urinary tract. As the name suggests, it involves the use of an endoscope and special instruments. The use of imaging guidance technique adds to the accuracy of the procedure and makes it easier to treat the problem. Most of these procedures are transurethral, i.e. carried out via the urethral opening. The use of laparoscopy and robotics has led to further advancement in the field and paved the way for new possibilities.
  • Reconstructive Urology - Reconstructive urology, as the name suggests, offers surgical solutions for restoring the normal structure and function of the urinary system by repairing and recreating certain areas that are not functioning well owing to certain deformities, which may be congenital, i.e. present since birth or acquired later due to an injury or trauma sustained in an accident.
  • Uro-oncology - Uro-oncology is a branch of urology dedicated to the diagnosis, evaluation, staging, treatment, management, and rehabilitation of patients suffering from various malignancies related to the organs of the male and female urinary tract. This includes medication, therapy as well as surgery. Some common urological malignancies include bladder cancer, kidney cancer, prostate cancer, testicular cancer, etc.
  • Andrology - Andrology is the sub-specialty of urology that specifically deals with health issues and ailments related to the male urinary tract and reproductive health. This includes problems like male infertility, sexual dysfunction, prostatitis, varicocele, hydrocele, etc. While some of these problems may be congenital, others can be triggered by unhealthy lifestyle choices, environmental factors, or genetics.  
  • Prostate Surgery - Prostate surgery offers invasive approaches to treat prostate-related problems and conditions that cannot be treated by simple medication. The prostate is a walnut-sized gland, present in the pelvic area of the males, responsible for producing semen. Surgical removal of the prostate is referred to as prostatectomy and is usually recommended for addressing problems like prostate cancer, enlarged prostate, and BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia).
  • Stone clinic - Stone clinic offers various non-invasive as well as invasive options for the removal of kidney stones. Also known as renal calculi, these are solid deposits of minerals and salts that develop in the kidneys over time. While smaller stones can be treated with simple medication and healthy lifestyle modifications, larger ones may need extensive treatments like extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL), percutaneous nephrolithotomy, ureteroscopy, and stenting.
  • Male Infertility treatment – It is a branch or urology that deals with the treatment and management of problems related to male infertility. Male infertility accounts for nearly 40 percent of the total cases of infertility. The problem affects around 7 percent of the male population and can be a result of structural or functional defects in the male reproductive organs or poor quality of sperm which can be a result of immunological or environmental factors.

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